Monday’s Picture of the Week: Iceland


A month and a half until I live out a lifelong dream to see a fjord or two!


“So I just learned that fjords are the opposite of what I thought they were, but it’s okay because I also learned my mom fed me alcohol when I was a baby, so I can just blame everything on that now. The reason I don’t know what fjords are? My mom got me drunk when I was a baby. The reason I killed that person and dumped their body in the fjord? My mom got me drunk when I was a baby.”

The reason I’m harping on about fjords could be because of any of the following:
1. I like the word ‘fjord’
2. I booked a 10 day trip to Iceland

Both are true! I finally took the plunge and decided to cross something travel related off of my list, and what better way to take a plunge then to jump into a fjord?

On June 1st of this year I’ll be jetting off to Reykjavik via Seattle with my dear friend Scott (you may remember him from the time I ate fondue). Our plan is to hang around the capital for a few days and then head out into the Icelandic wild (also known as ‘The Ring Road‘).

I have several things on my life list that will accomplished during this little 10-day stint.

317. Go to the Icelandic Phallological Museum
625. Drive Route 1 in Iceland, the ring road around the country
648. Hang out in a cafe in Reykjavik
649. Relax in Icelandic hotsprings

It will also be my first foray into Europe, so that in itself will be epic.

2012 Shortlist Progress

Well, it’s only February and I’ve tackled a few things off of my life list, specifically my 2012 Shortlist ! I also booked an exciting trip, but I think it deserves a dedicated post!
122. Go to natural hot springs (January, 2012)

413. Have a hot stone massage (February, 2012)

The 2012 Shortlist

44. Go blonde
81. Learn to appreciate wine
93. Eat in an upscale restaurant that serves “courses”
122. Go to natural hot springs
130. Learn to juggle
149. Have my fortune told
170. Create a family tree
315. Try the raw food diet for two weeks
413. Have a hot stone massage
486. Smoke a cigar
633. Learn to drive standard
641. Go to Hooters

Best Bucket List Everrrr

The articles over at Cracked are pretty much the only reason I get out of bed each morning. This morning they outdid themselves with this amazing Bucket List of things to do before (or while) you die. I like things that are both relevant to my life but also written well enough that I no longer want to punch a whole through my computer using my phone.

I’m not sure if my favourite is “cause an eclipse” or “touch Christian Bale’s face”…either way, a little ridiculous inspiration for you.

Monday Picture of the Week: So Informative


From Alberta’s Big Rock Glacial Erratic outside of Okotoks

There’s a Giant Rock in Alberta

Giant field

Me in a fieldMikaela and the rock

The Glacial Erratic




I took my friend Mikaela out to breakfast in Okotoks and on the way back we found a giant rock. There were teenagers playing guitar on the top. Alberta…


Apparently the rock is called Big Rock and is just one of many giant glacial erratics in Alberta. Here is the Wikipedia page.

As the joke goes…”Camping is in-tents”

This is just a quick hit! Number 581 on my list was to go camping again. I vaguely remember going as a child, camping as we travelled around. By “vaguely” I mean I have a strong memory of camping at Niagra Falls and it raining so heavily that I could feel a river moving under the tent. Sidenote: I was also terrified of thunderstorms at the time and there I was, in a tent, during a thunderstorm. Fantastic. I went again when I was 10 or so with my parents and family friends, and it was just awful. So, naturally, I out-and-out refused to go outside or near trees for 15 years.

This summer I managed to overcome my deep fear and went camping a total of three times. And all three times I set up the tent. Oh yeah.


#581. Go camping again

Vancouver Bound

Not a whole lot to report, sadly. The onset of winter turns me into a sloth-like creature who fantasizes about ways she could turn her bed into a person, and then legally marry that person she made out of her bed. My diet also turns into something resembling a dessert menu.

The only real thing of note I accomplished today was making a packing list for my looming trip to Vancouver (I also napped for three hours, so there’s that…). I’m heading to Vancouver for work, to attend the Issues of Substance Conference being out on by the Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse. No, I did not actually pack, but the list has been made. While work related, I am excited to get out of the city for a short time and to catch up with two friends currently residing in the city. Also, I have a suite at the Hyatt the may prove to be quite, as the kids say, “pimp.”

The most exciting thing other than my 55 minute plane rides will be Homovember, when I can cross something off of my list for the first time in months.

New Tattoo

Much to the dismay of grandmothers everywhere, I decided to go ahead with my 5th and by far largest tattoo. I booked it months ago with Karrie Arthurs at local custom shop Blackbird Electric after my friend recommended her work.

I have little else to say other than god damn: